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Custom Home Costs


The cost to build a custom home has many varying factors. This cost will vary based on the size of your floor plan, the products you select and design elements you wish to include within your new home. When you are searching for a home builder it is important to educate yourself to understand exactly what is being quoted. Some builders may choose to price a plan based on heated square footage while other builders may choose to price a home based on covered footage. The custom home cost will also vary based on inclusion of standard features and optional upgraded items.

Fixed Cost Home Pricing

Fixed cost home pricing means you don’t have to worry about cost overruns related to materials and labor for the home. If lumber goes up while you are under construction WE PAY, not you. The advantage of a Fixed Cost agreement is that you know exactly what the home is going to cost before you begin.

Cost Plus Land Improvement Allowances

The advantage of cost plus land improvement allowances is that you only pay for site work actually done plus a nominal contractor’s management and warranty fee. Other builders who give a total fixed cost price for the home and land improvements must price site improvements based on the worst case scenario to protect themselves against the unknowns of site development like excessive rock, soft soil, drainage and erosion problems. If he does not encounter any unforeseen problems, he keeps the extra money he built in. Cost plus land improvement allowances means no more huge contingencies built into a total fixed cost contract that the builder keeps if he does not need or use. You only pay for work actually performed.

What Determines the Cost of a Custom Home?

At America’s Home Place our Sales Managers are available to help you select a home plan, assist with modifying the plan through our home customization process and work within your budget to provide a competitively priced custom estimate specific for your home, based on items you have chosen to include within your home.

Other factors to consider with custom home cost have to do with the area of the country you are building. Some areas, like northern estate properties, ocean front beach homes or rural home sites may have additional cost factors. Septic tanks, wells, pilings and foundation piers, extensive flatwork and driveways or any additional expenses required to meet county code requirements can affect the cost of your home.

Before you build, know what your budget should be and have a good estimate of the cost to build your custom home. America’s Home Place makes this process easy with our custom tailored construction management system designed to offer ease when it comes to selecting your new home through the production process, down to the last detail. Our buying power extends our customers more savings on the cost of construction making America’s Home Place one of the most affordable on-your-lot builders in the country.

Making your home unique to your family is part of mastering the art of building and we work with each couple, family and individual to plan, design and build the custom home you desire. Speak with a Sales Manager today to learn more about the options available when it comes to customizing your home.