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People who build custom homes are a unique lot. You know what you want and what you don’t. America’s Home Place has captured on video customer reviews from people like you who have been through our custom home building process. Gain important, essential insight into the process through these video custom reviews, available on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device!

The Chadwick Story

I thought it would be stressful; the building supervisor made it easy.
The Raker Story

We found everybody at Americas Home Place to be helpful and easy to work with.
The Wynn Review

Americas Home Place assigned me a wonderful General Supervisor whom I could call up at any time of the day and he would answer my questions.
The Dexter Story

I would refer Americas Home Place to anybody friends, family, anybody thats looking to build a house.
The Bliem Story

You cough and they answer a question! They never left me hanging.
The Lisa Harris Story

It was really a smooth process to make the home our own.
The Sara and Randy Gardener Story

We saw the names of Americas Home Place satisfied customers, and we spotted a name that we recognized. This person was pretty particular. Hed given them a rating of a ten out ten!
The Ken and Sandy Oehrig Story

Our daughter built her home through Americas Home Place. The model homes were beautiful and the staff was highly professional and friendly.
The Joseph and Gloria Hall Story

This was our first custom home building experience. And it was awesome.
The Dianne and Glenn Kennedy Story

Every time somebody comes to visit they comment on how much they like our house. Americas Home Places does a good job.
The Rick and Linda Woodall Story

We were skeptical about building a custom home because we had never built one before. It took only 66 days to build our home from start to finish!
The Dustin and Rebecca Sharp Story

I had always wanted to design my own home. Americas Home Place made it possible.
The Don and Brenda Miller Story

This is the fourth house we built. Americas Home Place was very responsive to our needs.
The Tim and Janet Biddix Story

Having built homes before, I know building can be a daunting process. But Americas Home Place made it fun!
The Scott and Kathy Davis Story

Americas Home Place just kept saying, We can do that. No matter what we asked. And they did!
The Russall and Janice Rector Story

We talked to six other builders. Americas Home Place outworked every single one of them.
The Kendrick and Morgan Dawkins Story

There are three people I know that built homes with Americas Home Place. So we looked at these finished homes and thats persuaded us to go with them.
The Ken and Cynthia Drew Story

A house that we had bought on speculation, a number of years ago, had been built by Americas Home Place. And we were very happy with the construction of that home. So when it came time to build another home, naturally we went with them.
The Christena Roberts + John Sciortino Story

With our previous builder every change resulted in such an expensive change order that we just didnt do the things we wanted to do. In this one, the standard package included all the things you wouldnt anticipate and changes werent costly.
The Pestinger & Gilley Story

We chose Americas Home Place because we saw the quality of the building. We watched a house being built by Americas Home Place and it convinced us to build ours with them.
The El-Natar`s Story

My building consultant is the reason I signed up to build with Americas Home Place. He convinced me that they actually care about the customer.
The Canfield`s Story

Americas Home Place went to great lengths to make process smooth. Other builders wanted to build our home their way. Americas Home Place was willing to build it our way.
The Curry`s Story

We chose Americas Home Place because they built a home for our son and he was so happy with it that we decided to let them build ours, too.
The Gross` Story

It seemed like it would be difficult for us because we were living in New York and having a house built in South Carolina. The communication and process from 800 miles away was excellent.
The Schenck`s Story

This is our retirement home and our first home building experience. Americas Home Place made it very easy and very convenient.
The Carlson`s Story

Our building consultant was outstanding. Once we met him, he put us totally at ease. We didnt expect the process to be as smooth.
The Robinson Story

This is the first time we ever built a home. It was fun! Americas Home Place walked us through the steps and we knew how it was going to turn out. It made the process incredible.
The Smith Story

The people at Americas Home Place were great. They made me feel really comfortable going through plans, pricing. I didnt have any worries. I felt like everything was going to be okay.
The McCollum Story

We were just delighted to learn about all the things that we could do with the house we chose. I think we customized the whole interior!
The Hiatt Story

It all came together like we wanted it to. The process was really smooth!
The Krause Story

No matter how many questions we had, our building supervisor would call us back. And hed always have the answer. It was a very pleasant experience.
The Hendrick Story

I wanted a builder who could do everything and just hand us the keys when it was done. Thats why we went with Americas Home Place.
The Panton Story

They made it very easy and simple. Start to finish on the house was three months. It came in early and under budget. It was the simplest house we ever built.
The Crocker Story

We became acquainted with Americas Home Place by driving by and seeing the model homes. I have to say, weve probably bought pickup trucks where the buying process caused us more aggravation than building this home.
The Owen Story

We were very impressed with the way our building supervisor was able to organize the crews to build the house. There was no lax time; one would finish, the other was there. And they were very neat and clean.
The Arrington Story

Americas Home Place makes the building process seamless. We had no idea how easy it was going to be. We tell everybody about the positive experience we had with Americas Home Place.
The Jones Story

We didnt expect it to go nearly as fast as it did. From start to finish it was about two and a half months and energy efficient, too!
The Scott Story

I have a friend who started construction on her home when I did mine and her projected build-out time was nine or twelve months. Americas Home Place built mine in about three months!
The Smith Story

The process was a hundred times smoother than we ever thought it would be.
The DeMarco Story

Ive been in construction for about thirty years as a carpenter and builder. The guys build a great house.
The Hodge Story

The building experience was about as stress free and you can imagine. We had to build about five feet away from the house that we were living in, and Americas Home Place was able to work around that. It was great.
The Strickland Story

Twenty-one years ago my grandmother built a home with Americas Home Place. The people that were here on the job, treated it like they were building their own home. That meant a lot to me.
The Linderman Story

When I walked into this model house at Americas Home Place, I looked around and I said, I dont need to see anything else. This is it.
The Crocker Story

We became acquainted with Americas Home Place by driving by and seeing the model homes. I have to say, weve probably bought pickup trucks where the buying process caused us more aggravation than building this home.
The Rodger Story

It was wonderful to see it being built from the ground up. And the speed at which they could do everything amazed us.
The Grizzle Story

They started on it in July and we were moving in in September!
The Pritchett Story

Weve been in other new homes where after a few years the walls settle and the sheet rock cracks. We dont have any of that.