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Cottage House Plans

Cottage House Plans

“Cottage style” can be applied to many different types of homes—beach cottages, English countryside cottages and mountain cottages are just a few styles that fall into this category. But despite the fact that these types of cottages may vary greatly in appearance, they all have one characteristic in common: coziness.

Nothing says “home” more than a cozy-feeling space—and nothing says “cozy” more than a cottage. Known for their quaint appearance and unique features, including picket fences, screened porches and playful colors, cottage-style homes are never lacking in character. And thanks to the benefits of new construction, “cottage-style” does not have to be synonymous with “limited space.”

Our Cottage-Style Homes

Cottage house plans from America’s Home Place deliver homey comforts without skimping on space. Our cottage designs carefully blend the themes of coziness and character the modern-day amenities you’d expect from a new custom home.

The Dogwood I A
1846 Heated Square Feet
2 BR, 2.5 Baths
The Portland A
1568 Heated Square Feet
3 BR, 2.0 Baths
The Cherokee II B
1024 Heated Square Feet
2 BR, 1.0 Baths