Four Bedroom House Plans

Four-Bedroom House Plans

A 4-bedroom house plan may have seemed unnecessary a few years ago, but when you add kids to the mix, needs can change quickly! If you’re looking for a house plan that will allow each member of the family to enjoy quiet space to take care of homework or business, as well as comfortable shared space, look no farther than America’s Home Place!

Our 4-Bedroom House Plans

We know that 4-bedroom homes can be more difficult to find than two- or three-bedroom homes—which makes a custom build a great option for families with more than two children. In each of our four-bedroom house plans, you’ll find great amenities such as three-car garages, walk-in closets, en-suite master bathrooms, and more. When building a custom home, you’re given the opportunity to get everything you’ve dreamed of in a house you’ll call home for years to come.

Is your primary focus to build a one-story home or perhaps find a plan that places bedrooms on the second level? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a covered porch or patio for entertaining friends. No matter what your unique needs and style preferences, we have a plan for you. View a few of our four-bedroom house plans below:

Although not all of our plans are available in all of the cities we serve, we do offer four-bedroom house plans in all markets. If you’re interested in seeing more house plan styles, download our
free house plan book or contact us to share your wish list and learn more about our process.

2606 Sq Ft
4 BR, 3.5 Baths