Modern House Plans

Modern House Plans

With a focus on sleek aesthetics and supreme functionality, modern home design is a great option for any family or individual. Modern house plans take into consideration the growing needs for spaces to serve multiple purposes and flow easily from one area to another.

Although the word “modern” may give the impression that this style is trendy or kitschy, that’s far from the truth. Modern home design rose to popularity in the 1950s and has remained a staple of forward-thinking architecture since. Modern house plans are characterized by their large windows, roomy layouts and simplistic exterior style, among other features.

Our Modern House Plans

At America’s Home Place, we have taken our favorite parts of modern home design and blended them with the coziness of more traditional styles. The result? Unique looks, extreme comfort and endless opportunity. As you’ll see in the examples below, our modern style-inspired homes offer comfortable living with a distinctive flair.

1564 Sq Ft
3 BR, 2.0 Baths
1152 Sq Ft
2 BR, 2.0 Baths