Mountain Home Plans

Mountain Home Plans 

Have you been dreaming of cool breezes and afternoon hikes? Thinking about drinking a warm cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over the mountains? Your next home can give you all that and more. Whether you already have that perfect mountain location locked down or are still looking around, America’s Home Place can help you find the right mountain home plans for you and your family. 

Our Mountain Home Plans 

We offer highly customizable mountain home plans. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed home on the mountainside, a luxury vacation mountain home, or something in between, America’s Home Place can help you find the perfect plans to fit your family’s needs. Usually multi-level floor plans designed with sloped hillside lots in mind, many mountain house plans can also be similar to cabin house plans in their rustic simplicity. Our mountain home plans are also typically designed with large windows and expansive decks so that they take advantage of your lot’s beautiful mountain location. 

Rustic, casual, luxury. Your new mountain home will be an escape from the hectic traffic, urban sprawl, and stress of city life. But just because you want the location of your mountain home to be away from the congestion of city life does not mean you will need to sacrifice the benefits of a modern home. America’s Home Place can help you find the right house plan that complements modern amenities while keeping the integrity of a mountain retreat. You can choose from wide, open living plans, luxurious amenities like Jacuzzi tubs, entertainment rooms, and two-story windows. 

So don't wait! – let us help you build the mountain home you’ve been waiting for. View a few of our mountain home plans below, and contact your local building center to get started today! 

2381 Sq Ft
3 BR, 2.0 Baths
2109 Sq Ft
3 BR, 2.5 Baths