Small House Plans

Small Home Plans

As buyers continue to become more conscious about trends in energy efficiency and sustainability, there’s a good chance that small home plans will continue to grow in popularity in years to come.

Our Small Home Plans

At America’s Home Place, we offer small home plans not just because they’re popular—we offer great small home plans because we recognize their practicality for our customers. By offering smaller, more affordable homes, we are able to bring the benefits of new construction to a larger customer base.

Our smaller homes are built with spaciousness in mind and offer the same great amenities you’d find in some of our larger homes, including walk-in closets, en-suite master bathrooms and cozy porches. 
Whether you’re looking for a two-bed, one-bath home under 1,000 square feet or a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that offers careful use of space, America’s Home Place has the perfect house plans. Review square footage and other details for some of our smaller homes below:

1152 Sq Ft
2 BR, 2.0 Baths
1024 Sq Ft
2 BR, 1.0 Baths