Two-Story House Plans

Two-Story House Plans

If you’re considering building a home, two-story house plans offer a great deal of versatility in both function and design. Two-story layouts may offer more square footage in a smaller footprint, meaning builders are able to minimize disturbance to your property and maximize the amount of remaining yard space.

Additionally, two-story house plans often provide a heightened sense of definition and privacy for indoor spaces, allowing for each member of the family to add their unique touches to the areas they spend the most time in. For instance, some two-story homes have a master bedroom, kitchen, and living space on the main floor with additional bedrooms on the second floor. This layout would allow children to have a say in their bedroom décor without conflicting with the style of the main level. Other plans may have a second floor loft area that can be used for a quiet home office away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

Our Two-Story House Plans

At America’s Home Place, we understand that our customers who are interested in two-story house plans are looking for things like great kitchens, comfortable dining and living areas, cozy and private bedrooms, and plenty of storage. No matter what your style preferences, we offer a variety of options that will meet your needs.

3554 Sq Ft
5 BR, 3.5 Baths